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Favorite Books

The White Album: Joan Didion, City of Quartz: Mike Davis, Can't Stop Won't Stop: Jeff Chang, Ghost World: Daniel Clowes, Love and Rockets: Gilbert and Jaime Hernandez, Meditations in an Emergency: Frank O'Hara, Nickel and Dimed: Barbara Ehrenreich, Chronicles: Bob Dylan, Mystery Train: Greil Marcus, Plainwater: Ann Carson, The Complete Works: William Shakespeare, Holy Sonnets: John Donne

Favorite Authors

Paul Celan, Allen Ginsberg, Frank O'Hara, Mike Davis, Barbara Ehrenreich, Naomi Klein, Jeff Chang, Los Bros Hernandez, Daniel Clowes, Ann Carson, Brenda Hillman, Andrew Demcak, Douglas Wolk, John Donne, Shakespeare, John Ashbery, Greil Marcus... and so many more!


Joan Didion, James Baldwin, Thomas Merton, Jeff Chang, Greil Marcus, Barbara Ehrenreich, Bob Dylan, Frank O'Hara, Allen Ginsberg, Los Bros Hernandez, Dorothy Day, Ann Carson