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Saint Augustine
In one of the many essays about the memoir genre that I’ve read over the last few years (this one was in the New Yorker, and no, I can’t recall who wrote it), one interesting point was made. About halfway through the essay, which began by talking about Saint Augustine and primarily questioned...
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I’ve read at Litquake two years in a row now, in 2007 at 11AM at the SF Public Library, sandwiched in between an Iraq war vet and the Yale Younger poet, and last year at a pricey clothing boutique in the Mission with my homie Sam and a novelist who’s also a psychologist and Kent Zimmerman (who read...
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It’s time to submit panel proposals for South by Southwest, and never having been to it (or to Austin), I’m racking my brains trying to come up with a good idea for one. In the thick of trying to get the word out about S&E, I’m wondering if it’s time for a panel about the end of indie. This is...
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We went on sale on Tuesday and I am sad to report that I did not spontaneously lose 20 pounds or meet a nice Russian lady or maintain an eight hour erection as some spam comments here have implied I would. I did, however, find copies of the book in several of my beloved local independent bookstores...
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What do you do on the day before your book comes out? If you’re me, you attempt to work out (dear readers, I have some sad news to share with you: writing books can make you chubby. Some lucky writers have speedy metabolisms, but coming from Irish peasant stock, I’m built for squatting in potato...
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Note to Red Room readers: I keep forgetting to copy/paste blog entries over here! Must remember to do that.   When you’re born and raised in the East Bay, you don’t call San Francisco “San Francisco”, you call it “The City”. And you definitely don’t call it by any cutesy nicknames (though I admit I...
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Now that our publication date is rapidly approaching (too rapidly, if you ask me — I’m having that burst of authorly self-doubt that a friend once called “post-partum-book-depression”), I thought it might be nice, along the lines of the playlist I made for the MacMillan/Holt site, to offer the...
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ghost town redux Posted in Uncategorized on May 28th, 2009 Tags: art murmur, oakland Yesterday I met up with a friend at Mama Buzz Cafe, located on Telegraph and 23rd Streets in Oakland,  the same block where the Oakland Art Murmur takes place. When I was thinking about how to frame the book’s...
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Back when my first book came out, somehow I got the idea that it would be excellent to force my cats to pose with copies of it. A big box of copies of this new book came yesterday (which means it’s been released from the warehouse which = on sale very soon), so in the interest of consistency, I...
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I’m going to start answering hypothetical questions people might ask me about this book along with questions people have actually asked me about the book and we’ll all puzzle out which ones are real and which are fake. Ooooh… it’s an experiment. Q. Why this this book called Slanted and Enchanted? A...
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The semester is almost over, and I’ll have much more time, very soon, to read other blogs and post here. I have a ton of catching up to do in terms of book related work — with publication just weeks away, we are in the “final push” (that’s what we called it in the indie magazine biz) of publicity,...
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Supurna Banerjee, my editor at Holt, sent me a batch of books yesterday, and they are super super super awesome looking. The book is designed by Rebecca Seltzer, and the new design has a glossy treatment on the title lettering that’s hard to see in pictures but looks great in person. People have...
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Digger Broadside, 1968
One of the earliest interviews I did for the book was with Peter Berg, who is one of the co-founders of the radical guerilla theatre/political/publishing group The Diggers. Peter has a long history in the civil rights and ecological movements, and after the Diggers wound down in San Francisco, he...
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