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You may need a passport to travel but you don't need one to read. As I stood amazed as I held back a gigantic gush of awe inside the Duomo in Milan, I asked myself what if this gorgeous structure was a book? What if a book opened its doors for free and transported you into a world of unknown...
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There's plenty of anxiety in literature and people love to read about other people's hell. The more hell there is in literature, the more copies they sell. The intensity of anxiety in Black/Asian literature for example is tremendous.  According to Kierkegaard, anxiety boils down to having to...
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What is it about writing that draws us to open our hearts, veins and open ourselves to scrutiny to reveal what otherwise might remain hidden? The unread story is not a story,” Ursula K. Le Guin says. Why do I write?  It connects me to sanity. It brings order into my life. And simply I write...
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