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Pittsburgh, PA
Corey Lev
Aug 2008

Katy Rank Lev is a freelance writer based in Pittsburgh, PA. She writes about her passion: the Earth, its bounty, and athletics. Her published work spans topics from therapy dogs to sustainable packaging to motorcycle rallies and has appeared in such publications as US Airways magazine, Bicycling magazine, and PA Pursuits, among others. For more information, visit her at www.katyranklev.com.


Leslie Heywood, Jeanne Marie Laskas, David Sedaris, John McPhee, Cathy Day

Upcoming Works

I am hard at work on a memoir project about my ten years' playing women's rugby. The book follows me around the world, exploring how this competitive, aggressive sport sets women free from the boxes society constricts them to.


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Rugby, rowing, boxing, cross fit, eating, Pittsburgh, football, reading