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Katie MacAlister's Books

A Girl's Guide to Vampires
A contemporary romantic comedy, A Girl's Guide to Vampires is my debut in the world of the paranormal. On a visit to the Czech Republic, Joy Randall (a skeptic of all things paranormal), is suddenly thrown into the dark, dangerous world where vampires known as Dark Ones stalk the night. Armed with nothing more than a wicked sense of humor and a bag of rune stones, Joy does her best...
Men in Kilts
Oodles of humor, snogging galore, a love story to die for, men in kilts, and sheep with a bikini wax--where else could you find such a riotous look at life on a Highland sheep farm? When Kathie Wilson (an American mystery writer) meets Iain MacLaren (a hunky Scottish sheep farmer), kilts are sure to fly. Obstacles such as odd friends, eccentric family members, the reality of life...
Heat Wave
A contemporary romantic comedy novella, Bird of Paradise can be found in the Heat Wave anthology, along with novellas by authors Jennifer Archer and Sheridon Smythe. All three stories are related, and tell the tale of participants in a reality dating show. Imagine the Garden of Eden on a privately owned tropical island paradise, and you have the setting for Bird of Paradise. My...
Noble Destiny
A humorous Regency era romp, Noble Destiny is the second book in the Noble series. Noble Destiny is the story of Lady Charlotte Collins (who could forget Char?), and the man she's had her eye on for five years, Alasdair, Lord Carlisle. Dare comes equipped with a valet/butler/draughtsman/general dogsbody named Batsfoam, while Char...well, Char is armed with a copy of Vyvyan La Blue'...
Improper English
American versus Englishman--will it be a war of wits, or a battle to find their hearts? Alix hasn't had much luck in her life, but a trip to London, a matchmaking landlady, and the handsome Scotland Yard detective living above her indicate her luck is about to change. Has she truly found her perfect man, or will the disasters that dog her steps destroy everything she's hoped for?...
Noble Intentions
Noble Britton had suffered greatly at the hands of his first wife, and he refused to fall into the same trap again. This time he intended to marry a quiet, biddable woman who would not draw attention to herself or cause scandal. Gillian Leigh's honest manner and spontaneous laughter attracted him immediately. It mattered little that she was accident-prone; he could provide the...