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  Today's field trip is to a site I absolutely love: someecards.com. Some of the cards are downright hysterical, but many come with a language and inappropriate content warning--the site is not for those of tender sensibilities or folks who haven't made it out of their teens. But if you're...
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I'm feeling a bit puny with some sort of a bug or other, hence my lack of Humpy Day. But I did get some good news--Playing With Fire has remained on the NYT list a second week, sliding down to the #13 spot. And I received galleys today for Up in Smoke and a couple of cover flats, and I'm in awe of...
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So. We're at Tuesday again. I'm a bit overwhelmed with last week's good news, still, so I'm just going to remain with that as this week's news, too. But that doesn't mean you guys are off the hook! I expect to hear all the news from you all!
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It’s that time again! Time for me to thank everyone who dutifully trotted out to pick up a copy of Playing With Fire. And now I’m off to write (squeeing gently to myself as I do so). Happy Thursday, everyone!
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Thank you all for the squeals of excitement about the new series that will kick off with Ben and Fran as adults. I originally pitched the line to Kate, one of my editors, as a YA series, but as soon as I hit send on the e-mail, doubts started nagging at me. Was the YA market really the best choice...
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I’ve been a bit slow posting this morning because I was waiting for the offer to come in from my publisher for the next couple of books. I’m pleased to say that the offer was what we wanted (OK, it made my Darling Agent Michelle and me squeal like little girls, but that’s not uncommon for us). But...
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Editor Laura sent me the full mechanical of the Zen cover. It's a biggie, so I'll just link to it. Second quickie--I'm going to be doing another Write Along With Katie as I write the next vamp book. WAWK starts on Wednesday, and everyone who is trying to get some writing done can join in the fun....
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Today's field trip is courtesy of an e-mail that's being passed around showing the absolutely amazing body painting work of Guido Daniele. I'm just in awe of his abilities to paint hands to resemble various animals. Guido's site in English In addition, I wanted to mention that Brenda Novak's yearly...
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Penguin Putnam put an ad in today's USA Today newspaper. Geek that I am, I saved a copy. My husband says I squealed when I saw it, but I maintain I was dignity personified. Squee! [Thumbnail links to a bigger picture]
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Thank you all for the lovely supportive comments yesterday in the face of my angsting over Playing With Fire being out early in some stores. I much appreciate all the warm fuzzies, not to mention the kind comments about the book itself. I’m so tickled it’s finally out and I can talk about it, since...
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My good news is going to be rather obvious--it's release day for Playing With Fire! Hurrah for Gabriel finally having his turn in the limelight. I just sent out the official release newsletter (which you can find online if you haven't subscribed to the newsletter, although I have to raise an...
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I'm going to have the refrain "Can I get a napkin, please?" going through my head all day, I just know it. And since I must share my torment, here's a link to Food Court Musical. The janitor is definitely my favorite. Happy Friday everyone! It's the end of my last week of non-writing, so...
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I’ve been trying to update my records with a list of what books are published where (since April saw the publication of the German version of Sex, Lies, and Vampires, and May will bring with it the UK version of Sex and the Single Vampire), and after much investigative work…well, OK, I made my...
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We’re a week away from official pub date of Playing With Fire, and I’m celebrating that with a book video that Justin, my web designer, whipped up. Playing With Fire Book Video Your turn to share with the good news!
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This Monday brings with it Dustin. Ignoring the odd wrinkle of his ab muscles (they look fine in other pictures, so I think it’s just his odd position that makes them look so strange), I have to admit to admiring him. I mean, how can you help but like a guy who rolls around in the sand? Or at...
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