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The Missing PWF Chat Transcript...Well, Kind Of

There are times when I really would like to have a working brain. One of those times is when it comes to saving chat transcripts, as promised, but since that lovely idea fell flat on its face (who knew the chat room software purged the chats each midnight? Not me, that’s for sure), I’m going to try to go over as many of the points covered during the recent Playing With Fire chat as I can possibly dredge out of my brain. I’ll be adding most of these to the FAQ, but until I get them in, here’s a big list of questions and answers. If you have others, feel free to leave them in comments and I’ll try to get them answered.

Will there be any more books Aisling and Drake books?
It’s not likely that I will write more with Aisling as the narrator, although I’m not saying that’s set in stone. Both Aisling and Drake have a great role to play in several of the dragon storylines, and they will continue to appear in other sept books.

Will Aisling have her baby “on screen”?
Yes, probably in the third silver dragon book.

Will Kostya find a mate?
Kostya’s future isn’t very clear to me at the present time. I have some ideas of what sort of things might be affecting his storyline, but as yet, I haven’t made a decision one way or another.

If May is a wyvern’s mate, does that mean Cyrene is a mate as well?
Not necessarily. Cyrene and May are not biological twins, so it doesn’t necessarily follow that Cy would be a mate as well. On the other hand, she did spawn May, so you never know.

What happened to Chuan Ren?
Chuan Ren will be seen in Abaddon in Up in Smoke.

Who is the blue sept wyvern, Bastian or Fiat?
At the present time, both claim wyvernship over the sept, which pretty much means the sept is divided into camps of followers of each wyvern. Technically, Bastian is the wyvern recognized by the weyr, but I doubt if Fiat will accept that without some sort of a fight.

Will there be books on other dragon septs as well?
Yes, including some septs that haven’t been mentioned yet.

Will you write a book for Noelle?
I keep trying to pin her down for a story, but thus far, she has eluded my best attempts. I am not giving up on her, however. I fully intend for her to have a happily ever after.

Will dragons and vampires ever be together in the same book?
Highly doubtful. I foresee too many character issues in bringing together vamps and dragons. All that testosterone would be positively staggering.

Will you write more Ben and Fran books?
Yes, but as adult books, not the same Young Adult books as Got Fangs and Circus of the Darned. Ben and Fran are going to be a part of a new series that will involve them and a new narrator, possibly someone related to Fran, who is involved in a hitherto unseen aspect of the Otherworld. This will be a new paranormal series that will have some vampires in it, although it won’t be a straight Dark Ones novel.

So, wait–Ben and Fran will be adults in the new books?
Yes, adults, complete with adult issues, complexities, and relationships. They will have the same sensuality level of my other adult paranormal romances, so they will not be suitable for younger readers.

Are you writing more Dark Ones books?
Yes. The next book is Zen and the Art of Vampires (December 08) followed by Crouching Vampire, Hidden Fang in May 09. The third silver dragon book will be out in November of 09.

Why are the Karma Marx books under the name Kate Marsh?
I wanted a different name so it was easy for readers to distinguish between the mysteries and romances. I made sure that the Katie Mac name was on the cover, as well, so people would know it was one of my books.

Are you ever going to write a contemporary again? How about a historical?
I am still mulling over a suitable idea for a contemporary. I’m leaning heavily toward using a character from Men in Kilts, but which character it will be remains to be seen. As for a historical, an idea for a time travel historical has been talking to me of late, almost to the point where it was drowning out books I was in the middle of writing. I mentioned the idea of a time travel historical to my editor and publisher, and they were excited about it, so it may very well get added into my publication schedule. If I do end up writing the time travel historical, it will likely be out in 2010 or 2011. And no, the story is not related to the Noble series. That’s something else that’s on my to do list, however…