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Humpy Day Question

Today's HDQ is brought to you by the hoof pick I found in my purse the other day.

Yes, hoof pick. As in, the thing you use to clean a horse's hoof. I do not own a horse, nor do I go riding. This hoof pick is from my childhood days, and I have absolutely no idea how it got into my purse. I suspect imps.

Your HDQ: what is the oddest thing you have right now in your purse/pocket/backpack/other?

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Let me see.....

In my wallet, I have a large triangular guitar pick, in my car's ash tray I have a Jew's harp, (one of my Jewish friends, at the time unapprised of the joys of bluegrass music, told me no self-respecting Jew would be caught dead playing  something like that).....and on my desk, a cropdusting calculator. :)


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First Driver's License

The strangest thing I have in my wallet is the first driver's license I ever received (Malibu Fun Center in Oakland, California).

 This is a fun question.

 All the best, 

Abe Mertens, redroom.com