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Hump Day Fun

I found a couple more foreign covers a few weeks ago, and have neglected to post them. I shall do so now, just because I get a kick out of seeing them (and I really must, must, must add them into my website–I just keep forgetting to do so).

[Click thumbnail to see bigger picture]

The first cover is for Sex and the Single Vampire. I have to say, I like these German covers. The colors are very pretty, and the images are kind of fun. This edition will be out in August.

The second cover is for Even Vampires Get the Blues, which will be out in October. This publisher is the same one who recently bought the German rights to a couple Aisling books, so I’m very anxious to see what they do for those covers.

Another bit of fun: Barbara Vey, who blogs on the Publishers Weekly site, let me know that she has a review of Holy Smokes up in today’s blog. I’m always thrilled to hear of people who enjoy one of my books enough to include it in their blog. Oh, who am I fooling–I’m just thrilled to know people like them, period. I’m easy that way.

And finally, the Hump Day Question! This question has its roots in the fact that I’m very impatiently awaiting the arrival of a bunch of gemstone beads I recently ordered for a super-secret project that I will be unveiling soon. I am so anxious for these beads to come, I’m fairly frothing at the mouth, which just makes me yell at myself for having such a lack of patience. So my question is this: are you, in general, a patient person?