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Good News Tuesday

My good news is going to be rather obvious--it's release day for Playing With Fire! Hurrah for Gabriel finally having his turn in the limelight.

I just sent out the official release newsletter (which you can find online if you haven't subscribed to the newsletter, although I have to raise an eyebrow at the very idea of not subscribing), so now the official "waiting to see how it will do on the bestseller lists" angsting can begin. That's opposed to the unofficial angsting, which is a general state of affairs here at Rancho Doghair.

Given that the book has been out early at some bookstores - causing much rending of clothing, general wailing, and muttered dark threats - I assume that the pre-release sales will significantly lessen the impact it will have on the bestseller lists. And while it's true that the lists are really only ego fodder (although the marketing folk like good hits, since they use them to get the big book buying accounts excited about subsequent releases), it has made for a frustrating few weeks here while the publisher tried to figure out just why the book was being sold ahead of time.

Regardless of all that, it's pub day, and that's always a time of celebration. In recognition of this event, I hereby give you leave to celebrate all day. And share your good news, too - because what's a celebration without good news?