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I'm feeling a bit puny with some sort of a bug or other, hence my lack of Humpy Day. But I did get some good news--Playing With Fire has remained on the NYT list a second week, sliding down to the #13 spot.

And I received galleys today for Up in Smoke and a couple of cover flats, and I'm in awe of the gorgeous shiny foilness of it. I shall endeavor to take a picture of it later in order to share the shiny.

Last, but not least, the expensive new briefcase-ish bag (left) and pen (right) I ordered to go trotting around the area doing drive-by booksignings arrived, which means I have to stop fondling the leather bag (we won't mention the fact that I stuck my head it in to smell the leathery goodness), and actually get off my butt and do the drive-by signings. Time to round up phone numbers of local stores and see if they have any stock for me to sign with my spiffy new pen (isn't it pretty? My friend Laron sells them, and I just couldn't resist).

Thanks to a diligent reader, I also found out that some of my YAs were published in Sweden. I had no idea of this, not having received notice from the publisher that the rights were sold there, but it started me on a frenzy of digging out the foreign editions of some of my YAs. Yes, that means foreign covers! I'll save the ones I found for another day, but only because the Indonesian publisher's site doesn't seem to be functioning for me, and I'm dying to see what those covers look like.

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Speaking of snorting leather

This is from my novel-in-progress, Vengeance is Mine.  I think you'll enjoy.  :)



     “Mr. Lum will be with you in five minutes.  Please make yourself comfortable, Dr. Tang.  Feel free to serve yourself some tea.  I’ll be right outside if you need anything.”    

 “Thank you,” Lisa said, weakly, as the imposing mahogany door swung shut behind her.  She decided to forego the tea; opting to put her full concentration towards acing the interview.  As her eyes adjusted to the dark interior, the magnificence of the office became apparent.  Center stage was an exotic glass terrarium, wherein a strange waxy-leafed tropical plant glowed mysteriously, illuminated only from a skylight above.  The broad leaves scattered an ethereal green light into the room.     And the fragrance that permeated the air—sweet and exotic: teak-y, and cedar-y, and rosy, and lemony, yet nothing she could precisely place her finger on...or her nose.  A bit of investigation led Lisa to believe the fragrance was emanating from the dark wooden paneling of the office.  She approached the wall opposite the door to confirm her suspicions.  She spread her arms against the paneling for balance, and pressed her nose to the wall between them, inhaling deeply.     As she was in this compromising position, the door unexpectedly opened behind her.    

“Dr. Tang, I presume,” intoned a strong male, Asian- accented voice, from the darkness behind her.  Lisa slowly peeled herself away from the wall, as the sound of her career bubbled and swirled down the toilet.    

 “Here I am,” she thought.  “Getting ready to be interviewed by the most important man I’ve ever met in my WHOLE ENTIRE LIFE, and I’m SMELLING HIS WALL!” she screamed at herself in her head.    

She turned around sheepishly to behold the impeccably dressed and imposingly dignified Mr. Lum, without a word, approach the corner of the room near his desk, and face the wall.    

“I find the fragrance is much more intense if you place your nose in the corner like this.”    

He placed his nose into the corner where the paneled walls met, and inhaled deeply.  He turned to Lisa.    

 “Welcome to Lum Enterprises, Dr. Tang.”