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Kansas City, Missouri
I am not married and have no children other than my two adorable cats. I will not be the crazy cat lady when I "grow up" and do plan to meet someone wonderful and settle down.
Jan 2010

I am a 10th-12th grade English teacher at a rural school in Missouri and have recently taken to blogging as a way to write again (other than the comments I write on graded essays!). 

I have written stories and poems all of my life and have never been published. However, I am finally driven to "put my butt in the seat;" as Stephen King would say, "the hardest part about writing," and make a commitment to revisit some of my unfinished works and submit pieces for publication.  My writing can be sarcastic and symbolic and tends to be towards the magic realism and satire side of fiction.

I love to read fiction of the academic variety, such as authors like Kurt Vonnegut, Margaret Atwood, and Toni Morrison.   A good essay writer like David Sedaris is also something I seek out, as I love writers who can make me laugh out loud as I read.

My writing grows off of constructive criticism, so please feel free to comment!

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Besides reading and writing, I enjoy outdoor activities like camping, canoeing, hiking, skiing, and white water rafting. I love to paint and draw as well and at one point, had envisioned myself writing and illustrating a children's book some day.