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Katia gives an overview of the book:

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Note from the author coming soon...

About Katia

Katia Noyes's first novel, CRASHING AMERICA, was a Book Sense Notable Book and was chosen as one of the Ten Best Gay/Lesbian Books of 2005 by Amazon.com and the United Kingdom's Rainbow Network. It was also nominated for the Northern California Book Award, Publishing Triangle...

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Published Reviews


"There’s plenty of hard lesbian sex along the trail, but it would be a mistake to relegate Crashing America or its author to a lesbian porn ghetto populated by narrower and angrier talents. For every...


In literature the typical American road trip—à la Jack Kerouac’s On the Road—begins in a red state and ends in a blue. Girl, the queer street punk in Katia Noyes’s debut novel, on the other hand, approaches...