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Intention and Effort
sometimes it's all uphill and sometimes it isn't

 I seldom talk about my writing process even to my closest friends. But what the hell.  I am inspired by  Elizabeth Stark's superb blog.

In the last few weeks ( working on a  first draft), I've been simply letting my characters figure their way out of problems.  In other words I don't try to rescue them--or control them.  My god, that must sound very woo woo. But what I'm trying to say is if my unconscious can do the work, then my writer-intellect-control mind gets out of the way. 

 In Elizabeth's blog entry   http://www.redroom.com/blog/elizabeth-stark/growth-mindset-and-writing-a-celebration-risk-and-failure  , she speaks about the necessity of focussing on effort (and rewarding effort) and not outcome.  I think for me a better word perhaps is intention. The new way I am working is to simply to set an intention and allow the writing to follow.  I heard a writer once say, think when you're not writing, but don't think while you're writing.  After many years, I do believe I'm finally learning how a writer might get out of her own way. But I'm not talking about myself, I'm talking about some mythic writer.  The writer who  climbs many mountains, some of them seemingly insurmountable, and one day looks around  and takes a deep breath.  For the first time there is a lot of space and no more forest.  The walking is simpler now, easier.  And she begins to witness the process of climbing the mountain, as if she's not really doing it, she is simply watching.  And while she watches, all kinds of life happens around her--loud crashing noises, the smell of fire, the sound of small animals--and a story begins to be told on the page.

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Katia, thanks for your insight. The weight has been lifted, the words will come. Mary P.

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Nice to meet you and I'm glad to connect to you all the way from Ireland. Yes, I am so glad the weight is lifting. I can just imagine. I know that feeling. We really are bigger than our fears. Write with (the intention) that your life (and my life) depends upon it!

The world deserves your story.... needs it.

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Katia, At the risk of sounding like a mutual fan club of two, this is wonderful. I still think you are making an effort, but your muscles have grown strong and the effort feels different than it did. You are not afraid of it. Anyway, whatever the preferred term, I am glad you are writing and not thinking when you are writing. That sounds wise to me.

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Thank you, Elizabeth, for all you continue to teach me!