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The Great Bike Race
The Great Bike Race
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Kathy gives an overview of the book:

Matt's friendships - old and new - are tested when everyone decides to enter a bike race.
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Matt's friendships - old and new - are tested when everyone decides to enter a bike race.

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An air of determined competition hung over the racers. Matt leaned over his handle-bars, ready for the "Go." Sweat trickled down the side of his face. He reached up to wipe it away. Bang!

They were off. Mike, Amanda, and the kid with the big mouth took the lead. Matt thrust forward and pedalled hard along Sandhurst. Flashing fenders loomed closer as he gained on the riders ahead. Then all Matt’s practice taking corners at high speeds paid off. He leaned in the turn onto Booth, and cut close to the big-mouth as he passed him. Coming out of the turn, Matt surged past Mike, too. Amanda was still ahead, but he’d lose her on the straightaway -- no sweat.

Matt stood up to give himself an added burst of speed. He headed Amanda off just before taking the bump from the street onto the path into the ravine.

Thud. Clank!

Matt turned. His battered bike seat lay on the ground. What seemed like an army of bicycles barrelled toward him. Amanda hurtled past.

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Before I finished writing writing Seven Clues, I knew Matt’s best friend would soon come back from holidays and find out he’d made a new friend - and that a girl (who would turn out to be deaf) would be moving into their neighbourhood. That was enough to get me started on The Great Bike Race.

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Kathy long ago sorted mail, waited tables, and taught school for five years, before finally figuring out that what she really wanted to do was write. She now has over 30 titles to her credit which include young adult fiction, novels for middle readers, picture books, non-...

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