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Featured this month on Pop Culture Divas on July 21. I just have to share my news here: I sold my romance novel, The Tom Jones Club, to the mainstream romance line of SirenBookstrand, to be released this November. Yes! Okay, so what's the Tom Jones Club? It's really the backdrop for a Vegas...
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Watching a video clip from Wordcamp, I was struck by how young everybody in technology seems these days - how it was only yesterday I was the young thing, drinking martinis, wearing black, and conquering San Francisco, Silicon Valley, and the Pacific Northwest. And then I realized I was starting to...
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I’ve taken a break from blogging and social networking to focus on finishing my suspense work in progress started – and I hate to think about this – about two years ago. Since the beginning of my first novel, I thought I might have a bent for suspense because those elements always show up in...
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I've been remiss in reminding you of the June meeting of The Book Review Club, hosted by middle grade author Barrie Summy. For my review, I've chosen YA novel Girlfriend Material by Melissa Kantor for the June meeting. But it's not too late - you can start clubbing with us by stopping by my blog...
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It's the first Wednesday of the month and time for April's meeting of "The Book Review Club," hosted by MG author Barrie Summy. For my review, I've chosen April Fool's Day: Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew especially for April Fool's Day. You can start clubbing with us by stopping by my blog...
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Real Women Wear Red
Real Women Wear Red  is now available on Kindle. While many have been reluctant to embrace Kindle (myself included), the latest version of Kindle is really taking off. And then I realized that Kindle is to books what an i-Pod is to music. You can read/listen to whatever you're in the mood for at...
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