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Oct.17.2008 - 7:01 am
Hello everyone!  I'm really thrilled to be here at the Red Room. I've decided that it would be fun to use my new Red Room blog as a place where I can discuss the craft as well as...
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Oct.17.2008 - 11:40 am
In response to: Words I'm Looking Up (One in an occasional cleverly named series on words I'm looking up)
I was recently critiquing a friend's manuscript and this exact subject came up (use of hurtle vs hurdle) and I'm glad...
Oct.17.2008 - 11:25 am
In response to: Write Tight
It's nice to meet you!  Thanks for posting! Your example is exactly the sort of thing I found in the book I read.  It...
Oct.17.2008 - 11:23 am
In response to: Write Tight
You make an excellent point.  I also think it makes a huge difference whether the author is writing literary or...