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Seriously, Make this the year you truly lose your virginity. Well, maybe not your sexual virginity but your, "I want to do something different with my life," virginity or your " I have an idea but I just don't have time to get it started." virginity, or maybe your "This job sucks but where else am...
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Someone's "castle" in Appalachia
In January of 2010 when Haiti was hit by a tragic earthquake, masses of people supported campaigns from the Red Cross to Oprah by giving money to aid in Haiti’s recovery. Initially the group ,Médecins Sans Frontièrs (MSF)better known in English speaking countries as Doctors without Borders were...
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Are you living your life the way you hoped or the way you think you have to? There are a million reasons people believe they are "stuck" in their specific situation from economic to health or relational reasons. It is true some situations can't easily be changed if at all but that doesn't...
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                                                    THE INSTANT MILLIONAIRE     There is nothing like an afternoon shopping with a friend to make me wish I had a stash of cash constantly replenishing itself. The dress looked too cute, there was a great patio set...
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