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My Mango Memory

Like Chitra Divakaruni, I too have Mango Memories, but they take me back to Mexico and they don't summon up fabulous recipes like her mango ice cream, which I can hardly wait to try. A 19 year old student studying Spanish in college back in the 60's, I traveled with two sister students to the beautiful city of Saltillo for summer classes. The first day there we were introduced to this mysterious fruit. What is it, we wondered, trying to place the flavor, the texture. One of my friends said, "It's sort of like a banana, only better." We came to love this mystery fruit during the six weeks in Mexico, and now I look for a good mango whenever I'm in the supermarket. Not easy. The last one I bought was a disappointment. But a good mango? Oh yes, it is definitely better than a banana. Thank you Chitra, for posting this delicious sounding recipe. I'll call it a poem, because I know that you are not only a novelist, you are also a poet. I've read your poems at poetry readings and in workshops. I will add your Mango Poem to my collection.

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Thanks, Kathryn!

Thanks, Kathryn! I love the idea of the mango as mysterious fruit!