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My Star Obession
Inner Inspiration

The Importance of Having a Star to Guide You

When I was growing up in the Puget Sound area, I had a life-changing

experience as an eighth-grade student. In an assembly of eight hundred, I viewed

a film that showed a street corner filled with businessmen dressed in dark gray

suits. As they crossed the street in unison, the announcer’s voice asked,

“Do you want to be just another gray-suited person conforming to the masses?

Or do you seek a different kind of truth?”.

This message is powerful. Even today it stands out as inspiration for everyone

to go beyond what is known and commonly accepted. It inspires valuing and

honoring what is unique and authentic for you as an individual. It implies finding

a higher spiritual perspective to guide your life—-one that is true to you.

On a personal level, it also confirmed my inner desire to make a difference

in this world by following my heart and creatively blazing new trails. The realizations

born from this experience became a pioneering vision—-a star to guide me

throughout my life.

The inspirational vision of a guiding star came from one of my closest

mentors−-my mother. When I was 13 years old, she gave me a framed poem entitled,

“Ideals Are Like Stars” by Helen Steiner Rice.

The poem spoke to me about keeping morals, standards, and ideals high,

as well as living a life based on truth. Steiner Rice’s poem compared ideals to

the stars in the sky, in that we can always reach for them and they will be there

for guidance through dark times. By aligning my heart with high ideals, my

life would also shine like a star. These thoughts and principles laid a firm

foundation for me in my youth, inspiring and guiding me through some difficult

teenage years.

Later when I divorced and went back to school for my master’s degree, my

mother sent the framed poem to me. I hung it in my office when I entered the

business world for the first time at the age of 45. Every time I read that poem, it

acted as an inner, guiding star to lead the way.

Each time I connected with its inner strength, I found I had vision and roots.

Each time I set a goal, it was the absolute highest and purest I could set in light

of the principles of this guiding star. Having a star to guide you is like having the

Source of All Love bring you a fuller, more loving heart. Having an inner star for

guidance led me to a purer awareness of love.

In this world, mentors, images, and the written or spoken word can be guiding

stars to help everyone move through difficult life transitions. The simple act of

reading my book, Not Your Mother's Diet can act as an inner star to guide you.

Practicing the principles found within these pages can help navigate and smooth

out the shoals of diet myths. You’ll find anchor points of rest and reflection throughout

these chapters as you voyage toward successful weight balance. In time you’ll find hidden

attitude keys which (when exercised) can unlock untold spiritual gifts hidden in

the treasure chest of your life experiences.

This book can be an inner star to guide you when you regularly practice the

techniques, exercises, and visualizations. In time, these components will help

you tap into the pure love that already exists within you. This love burns with an

eternal flame and can act as a guiding star or a lighthouse beacon, as you journey

toward a more peaceful, contented life.