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Dr. Fuller's Book
An Urgent-Time Sensitive -Get my masterpiece  Not Your Mother’s Diet with thousands in Bonus  Gifts- good for May 12th only when you buy my book. Subject Line:    Check out: http://www.booksalespage.com    Do I have an offer for you that will change your life forever, yes. That’s right forever....
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Not Your Mother's Diet - The CURE for Your EATING ISSUES
 Eating Disorders the Absurdly Simple Brain Cure Can be Found in the Newest Book  Not Your Mother’s Diet- The CURE for your EATING ISSUES Eating Disorders book launch: 12 clinical years in the making starting with 20,000 online users holding on to their keyboards to start this eating disorders...
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Spiritual Retreat
Can you remember a time when something unsettling happened to you?  What did it feel like?  The following are memories that shaped my life.  Note:  as you read my story, you may be shocked, so I sincerely invite you to leave your judgments behind.  Imagine your judgments as monkeys and you’re...
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Eating Healthy Lunches & Having Fun
How do we, as women, want to respond? You can make a better choice right now. You can empower yourself by saying aloud, “I choose to break my old paradigms about dieting right now.”  The following reference article lists some healthy foods that make it easy to break old paradigms.  But first let’s...
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