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The Wedding Dress Wars: No, wait! The Wedding!
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We walked in to our nieces and nephews singing “Chapel of Love,” and I couldn’t not sing along. We had our families gathered around us, my amazing son and daughter-in-law, and Sam’s amazing daughter Laura and prodigal son Daniel (we thought he was in Turkey!) We declared ourselves to each other with friends and family bearing witness, a moment so vivid that my friend Kathleen Enright calls it a “shot of grace,” Sam stomped on a glass (lucky thing he found his shoes) and then there was a kick-ass party.

We also broke a bunch of rules. The “bride’s room” lost its eau de sanctuary in about five minutes and so, once again, I found myself standing around in my underwear in front of a bunch of people. The groom’s room held nothing but a six-pack and a pair of converse all-stars as we all decided it was more fun to hang out together. No one could hold still for photos, so we scrapped the formals after one big gang shot. Both our bands played, and we gleefully joined them onstage.

We danced, we sang, we kissed and hugged everyone. Jason and Amy brought us a pizza at 1 AM, when we realized we hadn’t eaten. Today, we opened cards and gifts. This one, from five-year-old Romilly, is my favorite. I got my “whitch” and wish the same (or its equivalent) for all of you...

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So, I turned 60 on June 11th and you got married on June 12th. Is there any significance there? Like I'm getting old and you're getting young? I am very, very happy for you both and I LOVE reading the blogs. Looking forward to hearing all about the honeymoon (as you know, Paris was my home for 10 years and I miss is every single day)!


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Sounds like

the absolute perfect wedding! CONGRATS!