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The Wedding Dress Wars: John Belushi at a Toga Party
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I blame myself.

I didn't do my homework--not the part where you're supposed to go through fashion magazines and cut out pictures of dresses  you like, and not the part where you have your shoes and jewelry and underwear all figured out before your first fitting. I also kind of forgot to be on a strict low-calorie diet for the last 30 years or so. So when I signed on with Robert to design and make my wedding dress from scratch, I had no idea what I really wanted. I figured he was the trained professional with the artistic eye, and I would step aside and obsess about other things, like hors d'œuvres. After all, the question of ever-popular grilled chicken kabobs with basil pesto vs. edgier-but-tasty crostini with goat cheese and artichoke olive relish requires a great deal of focused consideration.

That's a lot of responsibility for a dress designer, even one as sweet and talented as Robert.

And it's at least part of the reason why, at the first fitting, I slipped into a piece of white muslin destined to become the pattern for my dress and looked in the mirror at a vision resembling John Belushi at a toga party in the movie "Animal House"--a look I'd never expected to be able to pull off with such sincere authenticity.

We all knew it wasn't working, but the question of what to do...well, that got a little sticky. Enter the GDM (Girlfriend Dress Mafia).

More tomorrow...



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Kathi Kamen Goldmark

Kathi Kamen Goldmark