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Seasonal Recipes: Manichewitz Jello Shots and Popsicles
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These desserts are a hit at my Seder every year, especially with the teenagers.


Manichewitz Jello Shots: Chill a bottle of Manichewitz Concord Grape Passover wine; then substitute for the cold-water portion of the grape Jello recipe on the box. You can pour into shot glasses and serve with tiny spoons, or pour into mini-cupcake-sized paper containers and squeeze to eat.  Big thanks to Marissa Goldmark for this great idea.

Manichewitz Popsicles are a bit more challenging, as alcohol doesn't like to freeze. Luckily, there isn't that much alcohol in Manichewitz...big thanks to Lorraine Battle for helping me figure out how to do this:

1. Boil about half a bottle of Manichewitz with a half-cup of sugar, until you get a kind of syrup-like reduction. Let it cool.

2. Add some club soda until the mixture is back to the original Manichewitz liquidity. Freeze in plastic juice-popsicle holders or ice cube trays, at the highest setting your freezer can manage. I like to use star-of-David candy molds (they come with lollipop sticks) and have been tearing the house apart looking for my old star-of-David ice cube trays. If you have any extra ones, let me know!

3. Make extra. There will be breakage, as these are delicate little critters...but refreshing after a heavy meal.



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