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So, we're having this wedding and in the course of communicating with the venue owners we discovered, to our mortification, that there is no handicapped access! It was an honest misunderstanding (they thought we knew; we thought surely there had to be a freight elevator or something), but the fact remains...

Our solution? We plan to hire off-duty firemen to carry the guests who need help up and down the stairs.  And since firemen tend to be cute and hunky, they may be called into service to transport some of our other guests as well, who knows? Perhaps even the bride...hmmm.

Uh, anyway. This seems like a GREAT IDEA for someone--freelance handicapped access for private parties and events. The service could provide portable ramps and cute, hunky helpers. Actually, maybe such a thing already exists.  But if it doesn't, it should...


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Remember the IBeam? They were unable to reopen for the same reason. The old space couldn't be retrofitted with a new elevator. The ADA rules are a bit forgiving for longtime ongoing businesses in old spaces, as is the case where the wedding will be held, so they needn't comply. But the idea is excellent! With cutbacks to some fire depts, my guess is some firefighters would love the extra work. Do we know any firefighters?

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I think I'm too much of a geek to know any, personally...

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Love your style

Hey. I just read your blog and now I'm going to look for your book. Your easy conversational style grabbed me and pulled me in .. . then, when you started freelancing firefighters, I started laughing!

Julie Hooker

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Wow Julie, thanks so much. You just made my day.

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I just checked

...and it turns out that www.hireafireman.com is not taken!

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Just for the record

I am not a fireman.

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If you do hire the hunks, I

If you do hire the hunks, I want an invitation. I promise I won't eat or drink :)

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did you find firemen?

I think one of my neighbors hangs out with firemen, let me know if you still need them.