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Kathi's Great Ideas: Little Bottle with a Big Label—would it be SO hard?
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Bad Hair Day

OK, I’ll admit it. I’m a baby-boomer ...and so I have a solipsistic view of the world. There has been a lot of thoughtful expounding (and even more tedious whining) about our generation and we don’t need to go into all of that here. I will go out on a limb and say that I think our collective sense of entitlement comes from the sheer fact of our numbers. There have always been more of us, generationally speaking, than anyone else. So we think we get to say what goes.

Plus we’ve always had Madison Avenue’s tender attention throughout our lives: the hula hoop, chia pets, Oil of Olay, Viagra, Depends.

So why then, has no one thought of labeling products you use in the shower, where you can’t bring your reading glasses, with bigger font? How many times have you mistaken that little hotel-sized bottle of conditioner for the shampoo, or spit out a mouthful of bubble bath because you thought it was mouthwash? How often do you have to dry off, find your glasses, and start all over again so you won’t end up with either a head full of either grease or frizz?

Please, grooming-product makers of the world, don’t be coy. LABEL YOUR PRODUCTS IN FONT THAT A MIDDLE-AGED PERSON CAN READ WITHOUT GLASSES.

No one likes a tease.



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Big Label

With little hair to be concerned, I just keep applying a few drops from each bottle until one seems to suds. LOL

Being a graphic artist by profession, I refuse to even look at gen-Xer's inconsiderate crap. All they seem to have learned in college, is to make pretty things go POP! I have lots of pretty bottles with jazzed up logos to apply to my shiny pink head. I just hope they never put nail polish remover in family size bottles.