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Kathi's Great Ideas: A Facial that Erases Self-Doubt
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Thanks to an off-hand comment made by my pal Leslie Levine, I began wondering if someone could come up with an easy method for removing insecurity and self-doubt with beauty salon treatments. Yes, facials are nice and always makes us feel better, but the good feeling wears off the minute some jerk cuts you off in traffic. I'm thinking more along the lines of reflexology massage (the healing method based on the idea that part of the bottom of your foot corresponds to some internal organ or other).

So these special facials, combining secret neuro-recepters, aroma therapy, and Motwon oldies,* could create a direct zap to the parts of the brain that control (let's say) confidence, discipline, logic, creativity, and sense of humor. Working with your cosmetologist, you could eventually branch out into financial planning and the ability to find your keys. The possibilities are endless. Don't tell NASA...

*raising the question of why the heck they always play drippy new age music in spas. I mean, geez.