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Sweet Victory

I've been so busy celebrating that I hadn't had a chance to follow up on my last blog.  Yeah!  Now I don't know what to do with my nights.  The last month has been some pretty intense game-watchin'.  Well, actually, my time is already filled up as it is November.  I participated in NANOWRIMO in 2004 (I think) & I've chosen to participate in the madness again this year. 

There have been a couple of scathing articles on writing/NANOWRIMO in the last few days (one on Huffington & one in the Atlantic about writing books...I'm too tired to include the links, please forgive) but I don't care.  I know why I'm doing it.  It's a challenge to get as much out as I can in the shortest possible time.  For me, the beauty is the planning process when your brain is percolating and it's seems like there are several dawns in the day.  I love that feeling.  The actual writing of it is just another transition.  

Last time I participated I had been laid off so it was (I won't say easy back then) perfectly doable to write 1667 words a day.  I just started a new job two weeks ago.  Wow!  What a challenge, but so far, I've risen to the task.  Anyway, all is well on this side of the bridge.  Happy to be moving from one intensity to another.