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Diary of a Speed Freak (days 8 & 9)

Tough last couple of days.  Racing heart & major sleepiness.  What makes it worse is that The Black Eyed Peas are on TV right now in South Africa and I can't tell if it's the medication, or just them, but they are weird, not in a good way, just kind of silly and unexplainably strange.  I like a method to my madness.  I'm excited about The World Cup & I'm able to be so because my friends wrote a cool book called The Glorious World Cup that makes it easy to get into it.  There are sections on heroes & evil-doers, WAGs and more. 

I did get a call back for a second job interview in the coming week.  Hopefully, withdrawal won't be as terrible as it was the one time I took this stuff before (for 3 days!).  Hopefully, I will be back to my normal beats per minute.   Hopefully, I will never have to see The Black-Eyed Peas again. Saturday is my last day to medicate myself into poverty.  Speed ain't as cheap as it used to be, yo.  The economy, ya know.  GO USA!!  I'm sure 24 hours from now it will all look differently.

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Congrats on the second interview.

Hope your ear clears up and makes all this heart racing worthwhile.

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Say what?

I can barely hear you over The World Cup frenzy. Thank you. It's a good sign, I hope, of good things to come.