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Diary of a Speed Freak, (day 3)

You know that they scan your license when you buy this stuff?  You have to sign a waiver and you're only allowed to buy one box a month.  So, anyway, I foolishly thought that I could use the accelerated heart rate to my advantage and I went to the gym this morning.  I'm standing in between sets trying to breath and I hear someone say in a faint voice "hey."  I look over and think it is the guy in the Berkeley shirt with headphones talking to the guy flat on the bench lifting about 200lbs.  Then a few seconds later I hear it again "hey."  This time I think it's Berkeley-headphones talking to the girl doing pull-ups.  Then, right as I'm about to pick up a massively heavy 12lb weight, I hear it again, "hey."  This time I look at Berkeley-headphones who is bobbing away, chin-up girl who is pulling away, and then to bench-dude, who, it looks like, isn't really benching, he's just sitting there with 200lbs. on his chest.  "Hey!" I yell and run over to him as Berkeley-dude scrunches up his face and pulls one ear bud out of his ear to assess the situation.  He sees me attempting to lift the weight and quickly assesses that, although I am in stellar shape, except for a slight, current drug problem, I will be unable to lift it myself.  Berkeley-headphones helps me lift the 200lbs and we save bench-dude.  Then my heart was really pounding, what a thrill.

As if that wasn't exciting enough, I later attended a book reading for The Glorious World Cup written by some chaps I know by the name of Alan Black & David Henry Sterry.  Excellent show and I was able to sit still the whole time...and not fall asleep as I almost did yesterday.  If you are a soccer fan, you should definitely check out this book.  If you are not a soccer fan, it is an excellent guide to the ins and outs of the games told with great humor.  (Both Black & Sterry are Redroom members).

Overall, it was a good day, considering my ear tube is still blocked and I'm only on day 3 of these dreaded meds.   Katherine McWilliams: regular blood donor, Redroom member, and occasional saver of bench-dudes.  


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Great humor...

Hey! You are pretty funny yourself.

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Thank you Sue!

Oh the dreams, they are so bizarre. I can't wait until it's all over. Thanks for reading.