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Diary of a Speed Freak, (day 2)

Let me explain.  I have had a plugged ear for four months.  After I went hiking in Yosemite and experienced pain in my ear at a high elevation, I decided to finally go to the doctor.  That was my first mistake.  I know that she's only trying to help me, but, wow.  She prescribed a combination of an expectorant & pseudoephedrine...for seven to ten days...two weeks max.  This is day 2.  What happened to day 1, you ask?  I wish I knew.  After working ten hours, multi-tasking, handling the emergency that arose, meeting all demands...I crashed.  By the time my boss, who had been MIA, walked in, my head was about to hit the front desk and I was barely able to explain to her that I was on doctor-prescribed speed.

When I got home all I wanted to do, after speeding around all day, was finish crashing and float into bed, but I had a message from a woman who wanted to interview me tomorrow, that is, today.  When I finally did crash it was nothing but fitful.  I dreamed that I went to a party given by President Obama (I was invited) and then I dreamed that Sandra Bullock was moving to The Carolinas and she befriended me.  She was very nice and took two pregnancy tests while I was with her, both of which, turned pink, whatever that means.

So, yeah, after waiting most of the day for confirmation (do you know how difficult it is to be patient on this stuff?)I went to a job interview on legal speed.  The woman at the front desk gave me the nicest smile, like I was glowing, so I thought that was great...she doesn't know that I'm drugged.  During the interview I tried very hard to make eye contact, all the while suppressing the urge to twitch and stop my heart from coming out of its cage.  Mission accomplished.  All went well and I expect a call back for a non-speed interview.

The rest of the day was spent meandering around the house, starting to say something to my husband, holding up my hand, and then forgetting what I was gonna say.  And answering his questions, the weird questions about handmade sauerkraut and what constitutes a bratwurst.  He was very tolerant when I very nearly took a nap at the dinner table.  It seems that my head is magnetized to wood, a symptom that I can't find on any website.  

Stay tuned for Day 3.