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Diary of a Speed Freak (day 10)

Well, there are ten days that I'll never get back.  Tonight is the last of it, the last dosage.  Like I said previously, I see the bigger picture, this so small in the grand scheme of things, but it was an interesting experiment at my doctor's advice and at my expense.  I feel very little difference in my ear.  Throughout the process, I have lost my appetite, lost any creativity, and lost all patience.  Now it is my husband that deserves the award.  I took two naps today between the hours of 3p.m. & 6p.m. 

My hope is that the withdrawal won't be that bad.  It has been a short, dizzying (as I get multiple head rushes each day) trip and I have appreciated a place to spend my lines these last ten days.  I don't know how anyone can create under these conditions.  The clouds were too low.  But then again, I suppose nothing trips up the truly dedicated: not clouds, the slightest fog, not love nor joy nor sorrow...not even speed.  Dope springs eternal.

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Sorry your ear is still clogged.

You had me hooked with your speed. I just had to read this l0th blog to see if you were better. Sorry you aren't. What do you suppose the doctor will suggest next?

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What next?

I'm not sure, hopefully something that works, but is not too invasive. Apparently, it can go away all on its own...after up to nine months! Thanks for getting hooked with me Sue.