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I went to a book launch party last night for a book called The Confessions of a Catnip Junkie (more on this later or ML for texters).  Let me state here that I am NOT a cat person.  Kittens, yes, cats, tolerated.  I'm not really a dog person either.  I like them better, and if I had to chose it would be dogs, but not really a "dog person."  I'm not even really sure that I'm a people person.  Somedays I just like to write about people rather than actually participate with them.  I won't get into a "there are two kinds of people in the world..." debate, because, ya know, I'd rather be procrastinating. 

If you are a cat person this book is for you.  It's written from the view point of a cat.  Yeah, cat people, go for it.  However, in the course of a brief conversation with the author, I discovered that he'd never even been to a book reading before.  What?  Thank gosh there was wine.  I went to a book launch for a someone who'd never been to a book reading.  No wonder I'm hungover.  It's 6a.m. here on a Sunday, why am I even blogging?  Yes, I'm blogging with a hangover.  I don't even need to explain this right?  You get it.  Damn, I hope this is the end of a bad week rather than the start of another bad one.  

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not a cat, dog, people person

So you're a wine person? ;)

Hope the rest of your week goes better.

Kate   www.marshallbooks.net

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red, oh the red

Absolutely, I am a wine person! Thank you Kate for the well wishes.

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Dogs, cats, and people

I always think I love cats and dogs until I read what someone writes who REALLY loves them. Then I understand the difference between them and me. I only LIKE dogs and cats. Outside because that is all my husband ever allowed, and really I think I am glad he set the requirement. With four kids and their many dogs and cats, out farm house would have been a mess if he had not put his foot down. Of course, Jeannie (who definitely LOVED dogs and cats) sneaked both into her upstairs room and there were permanent stains on a new pink shag carpet there to prove it--no matter how hard I worked to get the stains out.

But I do love being around people--both inside and outside. I also LOVE being alone.

Did the cat author read well--at this his first book reading? How does one talk like a cat, I wonder.

Hope your new week goes great for you.

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Thank you for the well wishes Sue.  The author did not read in the voice of a cat & overall he did well considering it was his first reading.