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All that Jaws

Yesterday I spent the afternoon at The Academy of Sciences here in San Francisco.  It is a gorgeous $400 million dollar little project that reopened a year ago.  You may have seen pictures of the living rooftop in architecture magazines.  It's somewhat elitist as it is very expensive to get in, but people still want to get in...and take way too many pictures.  

I was most impressed with the fish.  A diver went into the coral tank and talked to the audience with a mic.  He was surrounded by all these gorgeous creatures that reminded me how we can be influenced by color, movement, intention.  I couldn't help thinking of Jaws, which was a book first, but people under a certain age don't always know that.  If memory serves me Mrs. Brody had a little bit more to do with the Richard Dreyfuss character than hosting him for dinner.  People kind of laugh at me when I say that Jaws is one of my favorite movies, but it's true.  It's a really great movie based on a novel inspired by true events. Thank you Peter Benchley.  

Recently, I got into a discussion with someone I know about books, one of those annoying debates about what constitutes literature and what's just a good story (plot driven vs. character driven, etc).  I don't care what anyone says about Jaws the book, it's a great story.  Fictional terror gets me every time.   

Now I'm thinking that, at today's prices, I could have bought three great novels for the price of admittance to The Academy of Sciences.