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Katherine Ashe's Books

Montfort The Angel with the Sword 1260 to 1265
Tortured, subject to trial again for treason, Simon is determined that, if he lives, he will return to the Holy Land. But in England the stifled Parliament is looked upon by the common people as the first sign of the New Millennium -- a thousand years in which kingship and the Church will wither and a single world order will evolve, lead by the people's elected representatives....
Montfort The Revolutionary 1253 to 1260
Restored to his titles, Simon is living contentedly as England's ambassador in Paris when Edward commits an atrocity. Against orders, the earl returns to save the prince and his friends from Llewellyn. In England again, Simon becomes entangled in the barons' revolt against King Henry's misrule. Rescuing the Provisions of Oxford which, on fragile wax tablets, set forth a program for...
Montfort: The Early Years
Arriving at the court of King Henry III of England, a penniless youth from France makes an unlikely claim on the earldom of Leicester and Stewardship of England. Simon de Montfort, childhood companion of Saint Louis (King Lous IX of France), manages to become Henry's friend -- and falls in love with Henry's sister, who is a nun. Is he also the queen's lover? Fleeing for his life...
Montfort The Viceroy 1243 to 1253
When invaders from Persia, driven by the forces of Genghis Khan, overrun and desecrate the Holy Land, the lords of Christian Palestine fail to unite to resist them. Filled with guilt for having left, Simon, who had held the factions unified, has one goal -- to return to the East. But King Henry has other work for him that will entangle him in deadly intrigues.