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Katharine Niles's Books

The Book of John.gif
One Southwestern archeological site stands between fifty year-old John Thompson and life has he has lived it so far. Full of bones and a sacred hearth desecrated in a most heartless way, the site brings him face to face with his own failings. Unable to stand it, he flees his marriage and his job to the most extreme place he knows: the Makah Indian community at Neah Bay, Washington...
The Basket Maker.jpg
Isolation suits young Sarah Graves. As longa s she doesn't enlarge her world, her secret is safe; and as long as her secret is safe, her world is not likely to split apart. But when she learns that a boy at school has suffered terrible burns over most of his body, she cannot help but envision a friendshp based on a mutual knowledge of unspeakable pain. The Basket Maker deftly...