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I  often take into consideration , what would our life be without acquired facilities , peace and abundance.
Undoubtedly we all get to grips with  difficult and insurmountable situations, unresolved problems, anxiety and stress ;principles that mostly take us  often to an impass.
Life path looks like desert , a steep and full of pitfalls place.
Defence is reduced and we feel powerless facing up challenges of life.


"The greatest weapon in this path of life is Gratitude ”.

Gratitude is the impel of heart that reconnects us with Creator Who generously empowers all humans.
Gratitude for all magnificent gifts God pours in , such as life and abundance, unexpected opportunities to move forward, little or great  success, dreams and aspirations, protection and guidance to overcome   insurmountable obstacles.
Gratitude always implies a spiritual shift for it opens heart centre, and generates a sense of completeness and unity with Heaven.
Making just one effort, we realize that by giving thanks to God we rejoin   our hearts to Divine  blessings.
We are truly opening up new ways of comprehension  and perception .
Life is no longer an obscure dream, but a unique, beneficial vision escorting us to the completion of our true purpose.
Esteem the opportunity to move  one step ahead, letting go of negative thoughts that similarly end up to a negative result.
Gratitude leads to a gradual improvement and development, signs of which are immediate and amazing.

Copyright Katerina Kostaki