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What's on Your Bucket List?

What will make you happy in life? Here are a few people's answers. The more you Dream it, Talk about it, and Write it down on a life map, the more likely you will live out your dreams! Learn about life mapping: http://marshallbooks.net

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bucket list

I do know. But I think I have to put the unselfish hopes first. I want to complete a second novel that will sell better than the first. Rich would be nice but the most imporant thing would be to have readers in distant places and to hear from them about the book.

But that's the selfish one. There are people in my life, good people, who need help with their lives, desperately, and if God should tell me I have to choose I'd have to choose to see those people get what they need.

But it isn't completely impossible that both could happen and of course that would be the ideal.

---------- Charlie