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Stop Glossing Over the Good Stuff
a journal of gratitude for your sweetheart

Raise your hand if you took time to count your blessings today. Do I see a few hands? Now give yourself a gold star if you can't even remember the last time you complained about how terrible your day was. Heck, give yourself two gold stars.

Because my own positive attitude is a work-in-progress (at best), an article by Jason Lengstorf on his blog, Scrawny to Brawny caught my eye. Here’s the general theme:  “As simple as it seems, taking the time to recognize the good stuff can have a huge positive impact on your relationships with colleagues, significant others, friends, and clients.”

Excerpt from Jason’s article:

STOP GLOSSING OVER THE GOOD STUFF (How to Be Positive and Happy)

Positivity at Home:  Every day I tell my girlfriend, Alison, what makes her special to me. Whether it’s her outfit, something cute she did that put a smile on my face, or just the fact that – to my bewilderment – she still hasn’t thrown all of my things out the window and changed the locks.

As a result, I can share my frustrations with her without it feeling like the relationship is ruined. We still fight, but those fights happen with the understanding that we don’t have each other, we’re just pissed that one of us was supposed to do the laundry and instead watched an entire season of The West Wing.


Yes! This is what at least two of our guided journals are all about…taking time to recognize the good stuff in your relationships. It may be simple, as Jason says, but not necessarily easy without some help, or a jumpstart from something like What I Love About You and What I Love About You, Mom. Now raise your hand if you could use a jumpstart. ::raises hand::

Jason’s full article is here.