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Panic Attack
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Help! My next journal book – Picture of Me: Who I Am in 221 Questions - will be in stores mid-March and I’m not ready!  Any ideas? (book description below)

Yes, I’m working on media pitches (related to gift round-ups, life check-ups/surveys/quizes, relationships, graduation, online privacy, life milestones) and a contact list (women issues, lifestyle, crafts, parenting) for the publisher’s publicity person. I’ve made special sales suggestions (stores with gifts, crafts, portrait studios, hip/vintage clothing, university book stores, more).

But lordy, lordy, how the rest of the ole to-do list has changed.

I’ve added it to my website (marshallbooks.net) and to my Red Room profile. It’s not showing up on my Goodreads page yet. It’s on Amazon, but I’ve yet to AmazonConnect-it and I don’t yet have an Amazon Author Store.  

I mention it on my Facebook page (Kate Marshall, East Bay, CA – friend me!), but not yet made it its own Facebook Product/Fan Page with Quiz applications and whatnot (look for a first draft of Picture of Me…very soon). I’m Twittering (twitter.com - marshallbooks – twitter with me) but not blogging nearly enough…

Random House wants us to make a dynamite widget for an email blast. Huh? Good thing my husband knows what that is...I think. Phew.

What am I missing?


PICTURE OF ME: Who I Am in 221 Questions
Kate and David Marshall, Broadway Books, March 2009, $13.95

In the era of online profiles comes a good, old-fashioned paper journal that helps you answer life’s most basic question—Who am I?—in bite-sized pieces. PICTURE OF ME is a journal of playful and stimulating prompts that ask everything from what you love about your closest friends to your three best physical features, which kind of dog best represents your personality, some common smells and sounds in your home, and what makes you proud.

The 221 prompts ask for a few words, a list, checkmarks, photos, drawings or doodles. What emerges is a colorful portrait of who you are and what your life is like right now.

Some great reasons to start your journal include:

- To celebrate this moment – a milestone birthday, graduation or other special time
- For yourself – to create a self portrait in words, to check in with where you are in your life.
- To get to know your significant other better - swap journals to build intimacy
- As a safe, private alternative to online profiles
- To satisfy your mother or someone else who asks too many questions, at least for a while…

The Table of Contents and sample prompts are shown at www.marshallbooks.net

Whether you're graduating from high school or college, reaching a milestone in age, or just in need of some self-discovery, the Marshalls’ thought-provoking and playful prompts will give you a clearer picture of who you are and a vision of who you can be. Keep your PICTURE OF ME to celebrate this moment in your life. Re-read it in a year to see what has (and hasn’t) changed.

This is husband and wife team Kate and David Marshall’s sixth journal book. With over one half million books in print, the Marshalls have a track record of creating inviting journals for people with life stories, love and wisdom to share. Other Marshall journals include: THE BOOK OF MYSELF, THE BOOK OF US and WHAT I LOVE ABOUT YOU.

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a first thing must-do

Type up a letter detailing just how you're going to celebrate when all this is over. Bottle of champagne, pre-purchased gift card to a favorite restaurant, night at a nice hotel?

Then put that at the bottom of the list and work your way to it.

And try and enjoy each little panic this process brings you. This is what we're all working for.

I'm happy for you and David and wish you both the best of luck with "Picture of Me."


Chris R.

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Oh boy

Something fun! I love this idea and I know just the restaurant. But one question: how will I know when it's over? I'm not sure promotion is ever over - I still play around with a book published in 1997! Thanks for you good wishes.

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now's the time

Then I'd stop everything and go out and enjoy that long overdue celebration from 1997.


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Facebook Page

Update: Okay, the start of a Facebook product page is up. Search "Picture of Me" and let me know what you think. The widget is coming along and a meme based on some Picture of Me prompts is in the works - amazing what you can do for free.

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Dealing with panic

If all else fails, try a couple of Xanax.

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Getting the Word Out to Bloggers and Web Sites

Have you Googled bloggers and Web sites that specialize in journaling, women's issues, etc.? You can send them PR emails or ARCs to let them know about your book -- even suggest book giveaway contests. A good way to find out the popularity of a site or blog is to add a Page Ranking feature to your Google toolbar on your browser. I'm sure your publisher's publicity person will do a bang-up job on other kinds of media, but sometimes the focus is less on online resources, which is something the author can easily do.

Good luck!

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champagne, xanax and blogs

Excellent. Wendy, I just saw your book MIDORI reviewed on the home page of www.girlfriendbooks.com. Congrats, sounds like your strategy is working!