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Fathers' Day and Flag Day

This June brings my second Fathers' Day without a father. More importantly, it brings my second Flag Day without my particular father. 

My dad, who died in August of 2006, loved June. Not only was it a big month for his vegetable garden, but it also hosted his birthday, Fathers' Day and Flag Day. Surprisingly, it was Flag Day he most looked forward to. A veteran of WW11, raising the flag on all the patriotic holidays -- Memorial Day, Veterans' Day, the Fourth of July, etc -- was to him the equivalent of going to church on one of the big ones. Flag Day was all those patriotic holidays combined. It was the equivalent of rolling Palm Sunday, Easter and Christmas up into one Mac Daddy of a holiday, but for patriots.  

Do most people even know about Flag Day? As a kid it felt like my family was a member of a rare religion on that day, with a quiet but proud ritual -- raising the flag. This June 14, I'm going to channel my dad, he of Tom Brokaw's Greatest Generation, and raise up the stars and stripes. I know I have a flag somewhere - how could I not? 

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Flag Day


I am one of those people who has never made an effort to pause and ponder Flag Day, but I will this year thanks to your blog entry. I will pay my respect and then remember with a giggle that June 14th is the Mac Daddy Day of patriots.

I am sorry for your loss and inspired by your desire to both pay tribute and find humor when you need it most.



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A lovely tradition

How lovely that your family has a tradition set aside for a lesser celebrated holiday. I am vaguely aware of Flag Day, but I've never been cognizant of it while it was happening. What a beautiful way to remember your father - on a day that was a personal holiday for him (and likely others who share his history). 

Thank you SO much for your recent comment about my singing with the Ensemble. I just noticed the comment tonight. Please say "hi" next time you're at Glide.

Katie Burke