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A Poem by Ike
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Ike still slips sometimes and calls himself illiterate, but he's not.  Not anymore. He knows it, but it's hard to stop seeing himself that way.  For the last ten years he's fought hard to learn reading and writing skills with the help of a tutor at Project Second Chance, an adult literacy program. 

Somewhere along the line, Ike discovered poetry.  When his tutor told him that poems don't have to rhyme and punctuation is optional, he was hooked.  Now he has a new identity: Poet.  He stays up late--when his house is dark and silent --to sit quietly, listen and put bits of himself on paper.  For the first time in his life he's getting attention for a gift.  It's not easy for him to accept praise.  

Ike gave me permission to post his poem about the literacy program he credits for saving his life.  Maybe someday he'll let me post others.  They might just make you cry.

What is Project Second Chance

by Ike

Project Second Chance
is a place you can find yourself
It is a place that can envelop you in learning
It is a place of letters
Project Second Chance
is a place of warm and friendly people
Project Second Chance
is a place of HOPE

[For info on PSC ccclib.­org/­psc  Facebookers can find "Project Second Chance" there too.]