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Good morning world!!!

Today I am reminded that each day when we wake up we start the day off by making choices. The important thing to do is to make the right choice. Today I can not change what will happen to me. But I can affect how I react to what happens.
I used to feel really annoyed by super cheerful people. Especially when I'm going through some kind of struggle. But I have created a world of my own making. A self imposed isolation. The reasons for doing so aren't really important. But just in case it might help someone else it was after I had been in a couple relationships that left me feeling I could never trust again.
It was a drastic thing to do but it wasn't really thought out or planned. I simply felt myself pulling away from everyone.
Then one day I realized that once I was home on Friday after work I never speak to anyone unless I call someone. I am entirely alone except for my dog.
So something has to change. I don't know where to start except with my attitude. That is within my control. That is about the only thing that is within my control.