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May.01.2010 - 11:42 pm
Blessed Kateri Takakwitha
My first visit to Santa Fe, New Mexico was riddled with unexpected contrasts, ranging from earth to sky and everything in between.Day one was sparkling and crisp, punctuated by...
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Apr.06.2010 - 11:11 pm
I have fond memories of picking dandelions and daisies in some vast country field during the warm spring days of my childhood. Skipping through the knee high grass, searching for...
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Mar.16.2010 - 8:14 am
The more we attempt to define and comprehend the profound meaning of life, we discover, at some point, it's not a serious as we had been programmed to believe.Interpreting our...
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Mar.11.2010 - 8:28 pm
One of Earth's Gifts
Earth is the heart of our universe, pulsing with love and life at all times. We totally depend on our planet to give lavishly and unconditionally of itself for our nourishment and...
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Comments from kasmik

Feb.27.2010 - 5:08 pm
In response to: CROW SPIRIT
Sounds of an early spring
Feb.27.2010 - 4:44 pm
In response to: CROW SPIRIT
From the heart-Thank you Rebbecca.