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Aug 2008

My childhood was filled with glorious books, Little Women, Lad A Dog, Black Beauty, Little House on the Prairie, Caddie Woodlawn. They were as real to me as the life around me, a lower middle class one in a small oil refinery town in Texas. My grandfather, an invalid, was a huge fan of the writers Frank Slaughter, Frank Yerby, and Zane Grey. By the time I learned to read, I was sneaking his square, cheap (a dime, I think) paperbacks off and reading them. Pirates. Passion. History. It has never occurred to me to write anything but historicals, a kind of time travel into other minds, other lands, other eras, other cultures, other worlds. That's what I wish for my readers, that my books take them far away into another place and time and that they enjoy themselves there and maybe even learn an interesting fact or two.


Frank Yerby, Frank Slaughter, Zane Grey, Louisa May Alcott, Daphne Du Maurier, Winston Graham

Upcoming Works

Tentative title "Before Versailles" about 4 months in the life of a young, handsome, and ambitious Louis XIV, months in which he feel deeply in love and had to make a major political decision about the most powerful man in France, all true, plus I threw in a man in the iron mask. Why not? I do write historical fiction.


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