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Reviewed by Raakhee Suryaprakash May 2007 for The Road to Romance

... At a time when computers and the Internet shorten actual distances even as they increase figurative ones, Karla Brandenburg's "An Intimate Distance" perfectly describes the effects of the pressures of life in the rat race . . . Julianne, with the typical dysfunctional family background is a couple of weeks from her wedding, when fate, her online buddy and sister conspire to change the course of her life. . .

I really liked "An Intimate Distance" as I could relate to most of what was going on. Karla's take on the influence of family on one's self-perception is brilliant. Equally incise is the manner in which she has condensed what can be really any workingwoman's life and choices. Networking, sexual harassment, emotional baggage, difficulties in letting go, and the need for life-work balance are all issues and experiences real enough to add to the romance.