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From Ashley Merill for Front Street Reviews

Karla Brandenburg definitely kept the reader at their seat and crossing their fingers [that] Julianne and Jack end up together. She throws in some nice twists to make it the not-so-average romance book. Keeping the ex fiancé in throughout the whole book to stir up a little drama helped to keep the excitement coming. Also, this story . . . was made to feel as though this scenario could happen to any person; it felt very real-life. Julianne has a mom who favors her sister and seems a little unstable and unfair. Her sister, Suzanne, is a typical sister who isn’t perfect and who uses her looks to get what she wants. This reminds me of something that anyone can go through in a family. Families aren’t always perfect and sometimes they just downright stink, but we still love them and do our best to get through life. This is what Julianne does. She has these very real problems with her family and grits her teeth and pushes through the stress.

. . .I would definitely recommend this romance novel. It is a quick read, filled with just enough adventure and excitement to keep you turning the pages so you can find out what’s going to happen. Karla Brandenburg does a great job at keeping the reader interested.