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On Science in Fiction

Many people view science as a chilly, rational exploration of facts, but scientific discovery is often shaped by emotion. Jealousy, fear, and desire can play as much a role in research as quiet contemplation. In my fiction I try to portray people who long to uncover the mysteries of science, which are so often entangled with their own lives and the lives of people around them. And I wanted to show that although science has evolved, over the years, the anxiety and yearning of research continually repeats itself.

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Thanks for distilling this

When I try to explain to my more "literary" acquaintances why I'm such a science fiction fan, I try to articulate something along the lines of what you said, but it takes me four times as long. It's the humanity, stupid! You've given me the talking point I've been looking for.

Huntington Sharp, Red Room

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Welcome from a Wolverine and a SciFi Fan

Hi Karl:

It's nice to see a fellow Wolverine here at Red Room. I graduated UofM in 1994. Also it's wonderful to see someone posting on my favorite genre, SciFi! Are there any particular SciFi writers you really like?

Thomas Dotson
Red Room Staff


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Hi Karl:

This was my incentive in writing Plasma Dreams. After crawling around in the bowels of the UCLA Plasma Physics lab for a few years, I realized there was a real human story that wasn't being told by ANYONE. To be sure, I have genuine flesh and blood main characters, but beneath it all, the real main character is the science itself.

Science IS poetry.


Eric Nichols,

North Pole, Alaska