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Albertville, Alabama
I have been married to Patrick for almost 19 years. We have two beautiful children, Caitlyn and Jordan, who make me smile daily.
Jan 2010

To sound unequivocally cliche, I have always enjoyed writing.  I actually remember deciding to write a "novel" as an elementary aged student.  It was about a young dairy maid who met a stranger with frightening yellow eyes. Unfortunately, someone made a snide comment about the "yellow eyes", and my hopes were crushed (as only a fifth grader's can be).  I was encouraged, however throughout high school and college, as my short stories were praised by both teachers and friends.

Alas, life intervened, and for eighteen years, marriage, career, and children took center stage.  No regrets there, I was blessed beyond measure.  But in January of 2009, with a less stressful job change and children old enough to not require constant supervision, I made the New Year's Resolution to begin writing again.

 Now in January, 2010, I am on the cusp of seeing my first novel, "Second Chance" published nationally.  On February 2nd, it will be available at all online bookstores, including Barnesandnoble.com, Amazon.com, and Borders.com.  It is already available through my website, www.karinabharris.vpweb.com and my publisher, www.tatepublishing.com.  "Second Chance is a modern day, FBI romantic suspense.


I have to give credit to my very first writing teacher, Mrs. Freda Williams, who was the first to talk about "show the reader what you want them to see and hear and feel. Don't just tell them." I frequently hear those words in my head as I'm writing...and no, I don't think that's weird.

I would think any author whose works I have read more than once should consider themselves influences in my writing. Obviously their stories were so fascinating, so compelling, so believable as to warrant rereading. I long for my stories to have that same affect on people.

Upcoming Works

"Third Time Around", the next installment in the Summers Saga, focuses on Quinn Summers (first introduced in "Second Chance") and Emma McDonnell. This book is also a romantic suspense, with FBI flavor that will leave the reader on the edge of his or her seat.

"First Impression" tells the story of the eldest Summers sibling, Jaden, and how he found and wooed his wife, Priscilla, as well as the dangers they faced together.

"And Then the Rain" begins a new series in the late 1800's, with the coming of age tale of Ella Ferguson and Alec Chamberlin. A sweeter, sadder, more in depth novel, will leave readers longing for the sequel, as they will fall in love with the two families as much as the author has.


Amanda Soderberg, Tate Publishing and Enterprises

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I am a teacher by calling, a chauffer by default, a children's choir director and Creative Ministry (Expressions Team) director by choice, and a Christian by grace.  I am an avid reader and addicted Facebook user!  I can play the piano, though don't much anymore, and I WISH I had the opportunity to ride horses every day.