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RTS Birthday Cake
This photo shows the chocolate cake I bought to celebrate the first anniversary of my journal Recovering the Self, a journal of hope and healing. When starting the journal, we weren’t sure whether it will attract writers and a readership. We were happy to see that it did attract both and was...
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Welcome all readers/writers/editors/folk,Starting with my first blog post here. So nothing better than introducing my journal Recovering the Self, published in print and e-versions by the Loving Healing Press of Michigan, US. Two years ago, it started as a platform for writers and readers alike to...
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I don’t remember exactly how young I was back then, may be four or five, when this happened (which makes it 1980/81). I remember a summer night when our extended family lived in a big house in my native town Hangu. Very young children slept with their mothers outside in the open at night. It was...
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